INSIDE LOOK: The ‘Mego’ HULK Playset You’ve Been Waiting Decades For


Been awhile since we’ve shown off one of Anthony Durso’s groovy Mego-scale custom playsets — and this irradiated piece is the kind of thing Hulk fans have waited decades for.

Dig this INSIDE LOOK at the Hulk Gamma Lab Hideaway:

“The original idea behind this years ago was an homage to the 1978 Tara Toys’ Hulk Hide-A-Way Playcase offered as a Sears Wishbook exclusive for that year, as well as including a Mego Star Trek Transporter mechanism to change back and forth between Bruce Banner and The Hulk,” Anthony said. “But those are hard to come by today so it didn’t make sense to include it at this time.

“So instead it became a bunker-type building where Bruce can safely (?) monitor his transformation into Ol’ Greenskin. The Gamma dials on the interior panels (left and right) are inspired by screen caps of the ones used on the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TV series, while the back wall references the holding device from ’70s-’80s comics that Banner was often strapped to.”

“The computers on the left are data bases containing info on some of the Hulk’s greatest foes. Abomination? Check. The Leader? Check. Um….Bi-Beast? Yup. I don’t think I’ve ever read a comic featuring the Bi-Beast but I do recall that he was featured as one of the characters in Presto Magix’s Incredible Hulk Attack of Gamma Base dry transfers that I had back in the day,” Anthony added.

“On the right, there’s a Gamma Detector to track others who have been exposed to Gamma Rays. And the communicator allows Banner to keep in touch with allies like Doc Samson and She-Hulk. Of course, Thunderbolt Ross has to get his two cents in.”

“The whole lab is locked up tighter than a drum just in case Rick Jones needs to throw his buddy Bruce in there to protect lives and property from a rampage by Jadejaws. But as the front of the case shows (featuring John Romita artwork modified from Marvel Treasury Edition #5), there might be some cracks in that theory.”

A few thoughts:

— A nice, clever addition to Anthony’s ever-growing line of “displaysets” from The Toyroom.

— In addition to these displays, The Toyroom’s 8-inch-scale sets currently include: Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (click here), Lex Luthor’s Lair (click here), the Batcave/Wayne Foundation (click here), the 1966 Batcave, the 1966 Batgirl apartment and changing room (click here), the 1966 Batman movie United Underworld HQ (click here), the Joker’s Ha-Hacienda (click here), the Riddler’s hideout (click here), Arkham Asylum (click here), Wonder Woman’s Paradise Island (click here), Wonder Woman’s TV series IADC headquarters (click here), the Green Lantern HQ on Oa (click here), Aquaman’s Aquacave (click here), Captain Marvel’s Rock of Eternity (click here), the JLA Satellite (click here), the JSA Brownstone (click here), the Super Friends Hall of Justice (click here), the Super Powers Hall of Justice (click here), the Hall of Doom (click here), The Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building Lab (click here), Iron Man’s Armory (click here), the X-Men’s Danger Room (click here), a Star Trek: The Animated Series Enterprise (click here) and a Scooby-Doo haunted house — with more to come.

— As I always feel compelled to point out, I don’t make anything from this. I just love showing it all off. Each set — including case, artwork and complete assembly — is $85 plus shipping. Contact either or you can message Anthony, who also owns Retropolis Tees and is a 13th Dimension contributor, through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Great choice on the Hulk image for the outside. That image was on a lot of 70s merchandise. I had a bath set and lunch tray with it that I know of. Still have the lunch tray and have since bought the Marvel Treasury Edition that used that image for the cover.

    Speaking of treasuries, Bi-Beast was in Marvel Treasury Edition 26. That is the four issue arc where Modok transforms Betty into The Harpy and it is a lot of fun. Pick one up if you come across it.

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