INSIDE LOOK: The ‘Mego’ AQUAMAN Playset You’ve Waited Decades For

The Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean finally has a place to call home…

Aquaman offered a bit of a conundrum to 1970s Mego kids. You definitely wanted to have him because he starred in his own Filmation cartoon and was a charter member of the Super Friends.

But, like Shazam! Captain Marvel, he was kind of an odd duck. For years, he had no other Atlantean allies until Aqualad came along as part of the Teen Titans set, and there were no villains like Black Manta or Ocean Master to speak of.

Sure, there was the Jaws-inspired Great White Shark tailor-made for the Sea King, though I confess I didn’t even realize it existed until I was fully grown.

Yet, I love Aquaman all the same. I read his comics for years, have a healthy collection of his Silver Age adventures by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy, and am an admirer of the work of Steve Skeates and Jim Aparo.

And Aquaman was one of the original four Mego figures.

Custom boxes by Durso

But only now can you get your hands on your very own Aquacave playset – thanks to customizer Anthony Durso’s The Toyroom.


“(Years ago), this was a tri-folded, double-sided laminated cardboard backdrop,” Anthony recalled. “So this is the first case version. All of the interior artwork is inspired by Jim Aparo’s drawings from Aquaman #58 (1977).”

Aparo cover

Here’s some more:

Of course, these days, you can populate your Aquacave not only with Aqualad, but Black Manta too. Plus, Ocean Master is said to be coming eventually too. And there’s the Great White Shark! (Still, it’s surprising we haven’t seen a modern Mego-style Mera yet.

In addition to this set, The Toyroom’s sets currently include: The Fortress of Solitude (click here for an INSIDE LOOK), Lex Luthor’s Lair, the JLA Satellite, the Batcave/Wayne Foundation (click here), the 1966 Batcave, the 1966 Batgirl apartment and changing room (click here), the Joker’s Ha-Hacienda (click here), the Riddler’s hideout (click here), Captain Marvel’s Rock of Eternity (click here), the Hall of Doom, Paradise Island, the Green Lantern HQ on Oa, the Justice Society’s brownstone, Iron Man’s Armory (click here), the X-Men’s Danger Room (click here) and a Scooby-Doo haunted house — with more to come.

And as I always feel compelled to point out, I don’t make anything off this. I just love showing it all off. Each set — including case, artwork and complete assembly — is $85 plus shipping. Contact either or you can message Anthony, who also owns Retropolis Tees, through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I enjoy reading these posts but I cannot enlarge them so I can read the words in the cartoons or ads you replicate in the posts .
    Please include a way they can be enlarged.

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  2. The Aqualad art looks like Perez. Either way, I do enjoy anything that Jim Aparo draws.

    On another note, is anyone else getting multiple copies of the daily emails listing the latest topics? I started getting 2 of each.

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    • Aqualad, Aquagirl and Mera art is all by George Perez. Aquaman is Jim Aparo.

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