13th Dimension was created by editor/publisher Dan Greenfield and comic creator and convention promoter Cliff Galbraith.


Dan Greenfield has been reading comics since he was 5, having cut his baby teeth on the Adam West “Batman” TV show. He graduated to Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, then Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers, all the way up to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. If you haven’t noticed, he likes Batman a little. He has a teenage son who digs comics and an amazingly patient and understanding wife who is willing to read the indie books he waves under her nose, like the “Essex County” trilogy or “Capote in Kansas.” His cats, Lex and Zod, aren’t big readers, though they do like knocking things off his comics shelves. Dan’s the editor-in-chief and publisher of 13th Dimension. Here he is in his sweet ride.


Cliff Galbraith is the Promoter of the East Coast Comicon at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, NJ — just ten minutes from midtown Manhattan. Previously he had created the Asbury Park Comicon since Oct 2011 and expanded it  to two a day in April 2014.

Cliff is currently working on the Rat Bastard comic series Small Doses and a dark humor comic Unbearable. He has an extensive background in character design and licensing/merchandising, comic book publishing, screen printing and graphic design, but really couldn’t care less about screen printing and never wants to set foot in screen print shop again.

In his own words about his career, Cliff says, “Yes, I created Shopasaurus, along with her friends Rockasaurus, Partyasaurus, and Beachasaurus. I’ve done design work for The Go-Go’s, Pitchshifter, TVT Records, MCA Records, Alternative Tentacles, Wiley and Sons Publishing, and Sony Music Group. Published and created the comic book Rat Bastard which was optioned by Imagine Television and Buena Vista where I served as a writer / co-producer. Oh, yeah… and I invented gravy.”










G.D. Kennedy was raised in the Marvel Universe, weened on the Uncanny X-Men and the Man Without Fear. He spends his days doing his best imitation of the latter, an Irish esquire by trade who most days can be found rotting away in the bowels of Hell’s Kitchen, occasionally jumping between rooftops and waving a billy club. Over the years, he’s moved away somewhat from the tights and fights and fallen for the world of creator-owned and independent comics, smitten with their unique and innovative approaches to the medium that has been such an essential background to his life. He is always looking for new great books to read and review, so if you have anything that you want to share, feel free to email him at g.d.kennedy64@gmail.com, or hit on Twitter at @gdkennedy1.


Guided by her spirit animal John Waters to leave the wide world of product-licensing to pursue a life of art, Aimee LoSecco has spent the last 10 years in comics. In her spare time she still makes art, music, and the occasional public performance. When not slinging comics to the masses, she can be found by her trademark mohawk, stalking the wilds of NYC hunting the best tacos and yelling at celebrities. She ironically resides in the ‘burbs with 2,000 comics, nine guitars, and two dachshunds.


Menachem Luchins left the lucrative field of teaching high school English to open Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, N.Y., in 2013, fulfilling a life-long dream. A proponent of creator-owned work and self-contained stories, he still enjoys, most of all, a good tale and loves helping people find the right comic for them, whether it’s their first or their 5,000th.


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