Welcome to TOYHEM 2021!

Our annual holiday season celebration of the toys of yore returns…

Happy holidays, folks — and welcome back to TOYHEM!, our salute to your favorite playthings of yesteryear.

TOYHEM! debuted in 2019 and it was such a success that we’ve made it an annual event.

Now, what exactly is TOYHEM? Well, it’s a series of features and remembrances about all those cool Megos, Captain Actions, G.I. Joes, etc., that we loved as kids — and love today!

You can click here to see what 2019 brought and click here for the 2020 edition. Plus, you should bookmark this new post because we’ll be regularly updating with links as we hurtle toward the finale on Christmas Day.

(By the way, the name TOYHEM! came from my family’s term for when my son used to overwhelm the living room with his voluminous action figures, playsets and Legos. He’s 22 now, has his own place — and keeps his figs nice and tidy. A chip off the ol’ block it turns out.)

Anyway, we’re already under way, so dig these…


— The TOP 13 BATCAVE PLAYSETS Ever – RANKED. Click here.

— 13 GREAT ACTION JACKSON Outfits and Playsets. Click here.

— The TOP 13 GI JOE ADVENTURE TEAM Accessories and Playsets. Click here.

— The Mego-Style GREEN GOBLIN LAIR Playset You’ve Waited Decades For. Click here.

— These 13 Groovy Custom MEGO Boxes Will Make Your Day. Click here.

— THE MEGO BATCAVE AND ME: A Chanukah Story. Click here.

— MEGO’s Groovy Vehicles Were the Hottest Wheels of the ’70s. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite 1960s COMIC BOOK TOYS — RANKED. Click here.

— A CAPTAIN ACTION Childhood, by JERRY ORDWAY. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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