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I am a sucker for Mego boxes, those brightly colored cardboard containers that held our favorite heroes and villains in the ’70s. So what if Batman’s box was pink? It looked great! Orange for Spider-Man? Sure, why not!

Custom repro boxes by Anthony Durso

But customizing king and 13th Dimension contributor Anthony Durso of The Toyroom has produced a ridiculous number of boxes that could have — and perhaps should have — existed all those years ago.

So as we have a number of times before, we’ve selected 13 examples from Anthony’s vast library and he’s provided commentary on each of these never-were packages that could be yours. (Ordering/commissioning info below!)

Dig ’em.


Filmation Justice League. This set was originally a commission and features artwork and screen-cap insert backgrounds from the 1960s Filmation cartoons. Box colors are based on the title cards for each individual series. (Note from Dan: Anthony also offers Filmation Batman boxes, now that those figures have been released.)

Spectacular Spider-Man. From 2016, this one pays homage to the cover of Marvel Treasury Edition #1, featuring artwork by the legendary John Romita. Romita always has the best Spider-Man poses.

Superman. My first attempt at a John Byrne Superman box, inspired by the 1986 Man of Steel miniseries. The dot background was something I was doing at the time to give it a comic book feel. Several years later I tackled the Man of Steel again, with a set of boxes designed to replicate the trade dress of that miniseries. I think I like those better, although there isn’t a proper Superman for that line (Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Bizarro make up that set).

Hawkeye. From 2015, this was originally a commission for a large-size box that would allow the Hawkeye figure to be positioned holding his bow. I reformatted it to a regular Mego size box. The Hawkeye art is by George Perez, as is the other Avengers art down the sides (except for Thor by John Byrne). This represents the era of Avengers that I grew up with in the Bronze Age. The targets are an homage to the Hawkeye work by David Aja.

Zatanna. This is the short-lived version of everyone’s favorite girl magician back when she joined the JLA (Justice League of America #161, art by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin). This costume would last until #187, at which time Zee received a new one designed by George Perez. This box was a commission and it follows basic Mego box formatting with other Leaguers from the Satellite Era down the sides.

Daredevil. From 2015, this one utilizes artwork by John Romita that was originally from a presentation piece for a proposed Daredevil cartoon series in 1974. I liked the idea of DD swinging through the rooftops before he leaps off the box.

Batman. Based on the posters released by Thought Factory in 1977. Artwork by Drew Struzan, who also did one for Superman, which I also did a box for. There were other posters for Spider-Man, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Shazam and Thor, but I’ve yet to do boxes for those.

Marvel Team-Up. This two-pack utilizes art by Gil Kane and trade dressing from Marvel Team-Up #13 (1974).

Deadman. This one goes back to 2013 and was inspired by the cover from the two-volume Deadman slipcase set published in 2012. Art by Neal Adams. Perfect for the upcoming Deadman figure from Figures Toy Company!

Iron Man. From 2016, featuring Gene Colan’s artwork from the cover of Iron Man #1 (1968), albeit a modern-colored version.

Bat-Girl. Early Silver Age Betty Kane, a recent commission, I believe for the figure released by Figures Toy Company. Follows the basic Mego look with other contemporary Bat-allies and foes down the sides.

Silver Surfer. Utilizing artwork by Jack Kirby from the 1979 Silver Surfer graphic novel (shout out to Waldenbooks!), this was originally a commission. It follows some of the formatting of the Mego Fantastic Four boxes.

Klingons. These follow the basic format of my other Star Trek photo boxes. Commissions for the three different Klingon figures that are being released this year by Mego.

If you’re interested in any of these — or if there’s a box you want that’s not here — visit The Toyroom website or contact Anthony at or through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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