Holy Olan Soule!

So, in case you’ve missed it, John S. Drew of The Batcave Podcast and I have been delving into the world of Filmation Batman, bravely analyzing every episode of the 1968-70 TV series.

Actually, “analyzing” is probably too strong a word. What we do is chat about how lovably hokey these episodes are and compare them to the comics of the day and, especially, Batman ’66. As it turns out, there’s a lot more to these cartoons than meets the eye.

Anyway, we’ve got a few of these episodes under our utility belts and I’ve decided to post this as a clearinghouse that will be updated each time a new episode is released, which is roughly every other Saturday. (Though that varies some.)

I’ve also written some columns that kind of work as bonus material, so those links are here too. You may even want to bookmark this post because it will be updated repeatedly over the next several months.

One more thing. Dig this faux DVD-case artwork produced by 13th Dimension reader Tyrone Biljan:

Tyrone, a clever dude, wrote me to say he put this together because he didn’t like the packaging produced by Warner Brothers a few years back. He’s not wrong. As cool as Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s stock art is, it doesn’t really say “Filmation”:


All episodes are available on iTunes and Stitcher, but here are direct links, as well:

My Crime is Your Crime/A Bird Out of Hand. Click here or here .

The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze/The Joke’s on Robin. Click here or here.

How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?/In Again, Out Again Penguin. Click here or here.

The Nine Lives of Batman/Long John Joker. Click here or here.

Bubi, Bubi, Who’s Got the Ruby?/1,001 Faces of the Riddler. Click here or here.

The Big Birthday Caper/Two Penguins Too Many. Click here.

Partners in Peril/The Underworld Underground Caper. Click here.

Hizzoner the Joker/Freeze’s Frozen Vikings. Click here.

The Crime Computer/The Great Scarecrow Scare. Click here.

A Game of Cat and Mouse/Beware of Living Dolls. Click here.

Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up/He Who Swipes the Ice, Goes to the Cooler. Click here.

Simon the Pieman/A Mad, Mad Tea Party. Click here.

From Catwoman With Love/Perilous Playthings. Click here.

A Perfidious Pieman is Simon/Cool, Cruel Christmas Caper. Click here.

The Fiendishly Frigid Fraud/Enter the Judge. Click here.

The Jigsaw Jeopardy/Wrath of the Riddler. Click here.

It Takes Two to Make a Team/Opera Buffa. Click here.

Series Overview. Click here.


— 13 QUICK THOUGHTS: The Kitschy Kick of FILMATION BATMAN. Click here.

— 13 GREAT THINGS About Filmation’s 1968 BATMAN Cartoon. Click here.

— The Single Best Sequence of FILMATION BATMAN. Click here.

— The Weirdest BATMAN Cartoon of the ’60s. Click here.

— This is the Most Subversive BATMAN Cartoon of the ’60s. Click here.

— One of the Greatest BATMAN Cartoons is Hiding in Plain Sight. Click here.

— The Most Unsettling BATMAN Cartoon of the ’60s. Click here.

— 13 QUICK THOUGHTS: Why the RIDDLER Was the Perfect Childhood Villain. Click here.

— CATWOMAN in the ’60s: The Good, the Bad and the Awful. Click here.

— MR. FREEZE: The Fifth Beatle of Batman Villains. Click here.

— CASEY KASEM: Robin’s Perfect Voice. Click here.

— A 50th Anniversary Tribute to … SIMON THE PIEMAN. Click here.


— The Wonderfully Cheesy World of Filmation’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. Click here.

— 13 GREAT CARTOONS: A Filmation DC Superheroes Celebration. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Dan,

    Don’t know if you mention this and your podcast but I would love to hear something about the music on this cartoon. I looked once and I believe the composer was somebody who wrote music for the silent film era and this is something he tackled at the very tail end of his life. Always loved the theme song as a kid. It got me running from the other room when I heard it come on.

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  2. Ok, listened to the podcast. Enjoyed it. Now that I have there’s still no doubt in my mind that Ted Knight did Commissioner Gordon’s voice. In fact, its closer to hus own voice to me than the other cast members. Pretty obvious.

    Also, as I’ve said before, Scheimer himself is quoted as saying, Larry Storch never worked for them. Its mostly Ted Knight in every episode.

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