The Single Best Sequence of FILMATION BATMAN

An exciting scene worthy of any Batman movie, show or comic…

I’ve been having a blast over at The Batcave Podcast discussing every episode of the 1968-70 Filmation Batman series. (Click here and here for more on that.)

This week, host John S. Drew and I check out How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?, a Joker corker by Bill Keenen, and the weak sauce In Again, Out Again Penguin, also by Keenen. (Click here or here to listen, or download it on iTunes — you’ll dig it.)

While I still haven’t picked an overall favorite episode yet — though Herring is definitely a strong contender — there’s no question in my mind that the series hit its pinnacle with a single sequence in this entry: When Batman and Robin slide toward their doom, zipping toward a fiery furnace bearing the ebony carved face of the Joker.

It’s fantastic and for decades has remained the most memorable aspect of the entire series for me.

The set-up is simple: Batman and Robin get lured into a dark room and the Joker taunts them by flashing on full-size wall panels bearing his image.

Next thing? A trap door drops the Dynamic Duo onto a slide, as the Joker watches them on CCTV, heckling them all the way:

They round a curve and …


It’s reminiscent of Catwoman’s trap from the live-action episode The Purr-fect Crime. But it’s edited so smartly, with exciting music and quick cuts, that it stands on its own as a 1-minute, 14-second masterpiece until the screen fades as the cliffhanger reaches its climax before the commercial break. (SPOILER ALERT: They escape at the beginning of Part 2.)

Anyway, there’s a lot more to recommend the episode and John and I also have fun with the highly questionable logic of the Penguin one-parter that accompanies it.

So head on over to The Batcave Podcast here or here or download it on iTunes. You’ll be glad you did.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I agree How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow? is a great episode! John Gart) background music delivers and the Joker’s face and sinister tone make the deathtrap seem even more deadly! The Batman/Superman Hour is smart, and well written and there is plenty of action. I talk about Filmation’s Batman and other Filmation Super heroes in my book – The Best Saturdays of our Lives. Love this post!

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