The TOP 13 POWER RECORDS Book and Record Sets — RANKED

Batman! Planet of the Apes! Fantastic Four! MORE!

Jason Young’s latest nostalgia book — Power Trip, a colorful history of Power Records — is due in a matter of weeks. Last week, Jason put together for us the TOP 13 POWER RECORDS LPs — RANKED. Click here — it’s a blast.

Well, as promised, Jason is back with the TOP 13 POWER RECORDS BOOK AND RECORD SETS.

Groovy, eh? Anyway, Power Trip is a 160-page full-color, digest-size paperback that features the history behind the label, the voice actors, and pretty much anything else you’d want to know. It lists for $25 but Jason is also offering bundle deals that include his previous The Wonderful Artwork of Wax Wrappers and the Ben Cooper history An Old School Halloween. (Click here for more info.)

Far out.


13. Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men. Unlike the other Marvel-based book and records, this wasn’t adapted from a real comic. It was an original story from Power Records.

12. Holo-Man: Birth of a Hero. Just kidding.

11. Superman: The Man From Krypton. One of the best stories Power Records/Peter Pan ever did. This is a must for any true Superman fan.

10. Dracula: Terror in the Snow. I always enjoyed the 1970s generic vampire looks used for Dracula throughout comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. I like the mustache and exaggerated collar.

9. Batman: Robin Meets Man-Bat. This was my introduction to the Man-Bat character, not the comic books.

I recently made a Mego custom of Man-Bat and this cover was what I was going for.

8. The Incredible Hulk at Bay! I never owned the B&R but did hear the story on LP. I’m a big fan of the Rhino even if my kids do laugh at the ’67 Spidey cartoon version and how he runs.

7. Fantastic Four: The Way It Began. The one and only story about the Fantastic Four. This B&R is still on my want list.

6. Superman: Alien Creatures. Anything with Curt Swan artwork is great! He’s my favorite illustrator — he did the interiors — and Superman is always my #1 guy. What’s not to like?

5. Star Trek: Passage to Moauv. Captain Kirk was big in my house. The coolest guy next to the Fonz. Seeing this book and record, I see my Mego Kirk figure.

4. Planet of the Apes. This may sound funny, but I recall seeing this cover advertised on the back of various LPs and other places, wishing I’d own it. I only acquired it in recent years, but the cover remains one of my favorites.

3. Batman: Stacked Cards. The only appearance by the Joker and, man, what iconic artwork from Neal Adams here. THIS is Batman to me.

2. G.I. Joe: Rescue From Adventure Team Headquarters. This one may be under the Peter Pan label rather than Power Records, but as a huge Adventure Team fan, having a read-along story to go with my GI Joes AND their HQ was a dream come true.

1. Spider-Man: The Mark of the Man-Wolf. In my opinion, this one is the most iconic and recognizable of all of the Power Records releases. Mark of the Man-Wolf was always my favorite story to listen to as a boy.

Power Trip by Jason Young is due in late April/Early May. Click here to pre-order.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I had the Man-Bat isdue and its reprinted in the Neal Adams Batman colkection goid stuff

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  2. I only had one record and storybook as a kid. It was of the movie Gremlins, and it was given away at Hardee’s. I had two cassette tapes and storybooks. One was of RETURN OF THE JEDI and the other was INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. I’m a bit younger than you.

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  3. I had a few of these way back when, but I listened to Mark of the Man Wolf to death. I can still recite most of it, and I loved the narrator. “Now it wouldn’t be fair to call Jonah Jameson a coward, but at this moment…he is frightened halfway to death!” Loved it.

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  4. My first exposure to the Planet of the Apes was via this book and record set. GROOVY!

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  5. I got a copy of the amazing spider-Man The mark of the man werewolf 1974 with record an trying to find someone to buy it

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