A series of talks with one of the greatest Batman writers ever.

In the early stages of 13th Dimension, I sat down with one of my favorite writers, Denny O’Neil. The result was The DENNY O’NEIL INTERVIEWS, a series of discussions exploring the highlights of his Bat-career. The site has grown quite a bit since then — meaning there are lot of folks who probably never saw these stories the first time around. But they are, in every way, timeless.

Denny O’Neil turned 78 this week (May 3) and I was fortunate enough to see him again last weekend at East Coast Comicon. It was really gratifying to see so many people still lining up for his autograph. Clearly, his work means as much to others as it does to me.

So, here’s a handy index to The DENNY O’NEIL INTERVIEWS that you can peruse at your leisure. But do check them out because you’ll dig ’em.

Detective #395 and O’Neil’s Early Days in Gotham. Click here.

Creating Ra’s al Ghul with Neal Adams. Click here.

Batman #237: The Greatest Halloween Story Ever. Click here.

Batman #251: The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge. Click here.

The Pathos of There is No Hope in Crime Alley! Click here.

Editing Batman: Year One. Click here.

Getting Rid of Robin — Twice. Click here.

Watching Arrow and The Dark Knight. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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