A portrait of the artist as a young man in Gotham.

As I was developing 13th Dimension back in 2013, I sat down with Neal Adams — who’s now 77* — to discuss his work on Batman, a run that cemented me as a lifelong comic-book fan.

The result of that talk was THE NEAL ADAMS INTERVIEWS, a series covering many of the highlights of his Bat-career and his greatest Bat-covers (with some Green Arrow and Superman thrown in for good measure). But for whatever reason — I was pretty much making things up as I went along — I never collected the links in one place, so I’ve rectified that.

Here are they are, by subject:

— Introduction and Detective Comics #395. Click here.

— The Brave and the Bold and Revamping Batman. Click here.

— Brave and the Bold #85. Click here.

— Batman’s Classic Sprint. Click here.

— Superman #233. Click here.

— Batman #237. Click here.

— Detective Comics #397. Click here.

— Detective Comics #404. Click here.

— Why Does Robin Keep Getting Abused? Click here.

— The Ra’s al Ghul Covers. Click here.

— Adams and Denny O’Neil on Batman #251. Click here.

* Updated 7/15/18

Author: Dan Greenfield

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