DENNY O’NEIL Lifts the Cowl on His Greatest BATMAN Stories

THE DENNY O’NEIL INTERVIEWS: A series of talks with one of the greatest Batman writers ever.

UPDATED 5/3/20: Happy birthday to Denny O’Neil, who turns 81! Enjoy. — Dan

In the early stages of 13th Dimension, I sat down with one of my favorite writers, Denny O’Neil. The result was The DENNY O’NEIL INTERVIEWS, a series of discussions exploring the highlights of his Bat-career. The site has grown quite a bit since then — meaning there are lot of folks who probably never saw these stories the first time around. But they are, in every way, timeless.

So, here’s a handy index to The DENNY O’NEIL INTERVIEWS — with links to each — that you can peruse. But do check them out because you’ll dig ’em.

Detective #395 and O’Neil’s Early Days in Gotham. Click here.

Creating Ra’s al Ghul with Neal Adams. Click here.

Batman #237: The Greatest Halloween Story Ever. Click here.

Batman #251: The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge. Click here.

The Pathos of There is No Hope in Crime Alley! Click here.

Editing Batman: Year One. Click here.

Getting Rid of Robin — Twice. Click here.

Watching Arrow and The Dark Knight. Click here.


— O’Neil and Grell’s GREEN LANTERN to Get Book Release. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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