The comics master walks you through the TOP 13 comics projects…

Back in January, artist George Perez announced his retirement from comics. Given his enormous popularity and impact, the response from fans and creators alike was predictably potent.

In the aftermath, we launched THE TOP 13 GEORGE PEREZ COUNTDOWN, a daily look at Perez’s greatest series. It was written by 13th Dimension contributor Anthony Durso and proved — unsurprisingly — quite popular. (Click here. You’ll be glad you did.)

Fast-forward a few months and I was able to sit down with Perez for a one-on-one panel at East Coast Comicon, one of the few stops on his convention farewell tour. In front of a crowded room, we went through every project in the TOP 13, from 13 to 1.

The result? THE GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS, which we’re running here across 13 weeks, starting on Perez’s 65th birthday June 9.

Below you’ll find the links to each installment. We’ll be updating as we go, so keep checking back every weekend for the latest.

Dig it.


13. The Infinity Gauntlet. Click here.

12. The Fantastic Four. Click here.

11. Firestorm. Click here.

10. The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect. Click here.

9. Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. Click here.

8. The Brave and the Bold. Click here.

7. Justice League of America. Click here.

6. Wonder Woman. Click here.

5. The Who’s Who Covers. Click here.

4. The Avengers. Click here.

3. The New Teen Titans. Click here.

2. Crisis on Infinite Earths. Click here.

1. JLA/Avengers. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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