They’re Coming! MARVEL to Reprint Classic 1970s BLACK LIGHT NOTECARDS

They’ve done the posters. Now they’re doing the cards…

I cannot tell you how much I love the collaboration between Marvel Comics and Abrams ComicArts. Over the last few years, they have plumbed the depths of Marvel’s vaults and brought to the fore such groovy publications as reprints or guidebooks to the Marvel Value Stamps, Marvel’s 1960s mini-comics — and my favorite, the black light posters first created in 1971 by Third Eye Inc.

Well, after the second poster portfolio was produced in fall 2022, the natural question was, “Hey, what about the notecards?” As in, the 24-card set also produced by Third Eye that featured images from both the poster series, as well as other Marvel illustrations, all done up in garish flourescent hues.

And now we have the answer: The Marvel Classic Black Light Note Card Set will be released in time for 2023’s Christmas season.

Check out the official description on Amazon:


24 Oversized Cards + Envelopes for Any and All Occasions Cards

Introduction by Roy Thomas

The Marvel Super Heroes are together again!

Fans will light up with this deluxe, collectible notecard set featuring 24 black-light images of celebrated Marvel Comics characters, including Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, and the Hulk, illustrated by legendary artists Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., Gene Colan, and others.

First published in 1971 by Marvel Comics and famed novelty publisher the Third Eye, Inc., the original Marvel black light notecard series have never been reproduced in full, until now. Printed in fluorescent inks on high-quality paper, this deluxe collector’s set features 24 full-scale reproductions of the original notecards and all their day-glow glory.

Also included is a brief commentary about Third Eye and their Marvel Comics black-light publishing by historian Roy Thomas, along with images of the original comic book art featured on the notecards.

This vibrant, far-out collection is sure to brighten lives.

Features include:

— 24 high-quality reproduction notecards + envelopes
— Each card measures 6″ wide x 9.25″ high
— Printed in fluorescent inks for viewing in black light
— Packaged in a fully designed archival box for safe storing
— Brief history of the notecards and the original comic book art by historian and former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas

A few thoughts:

— Abrams has only released the box’s front-cover art so far, but Marvel has released an image that appears to be the back of the box, or perhaps just a promo image. It’s lo-res but you can get a solid glimpse at the cards:

— The set is due November 7, 2023, and lists for $49.99.

Obligatory Price Comparison: Just try getting your hands on a complete set of the originals. There appear to be only a handful of individual cards available on eBay and each is in the $40-$45 asking range. There is a gallery that’s offering the full set — for $1,750. The Abrams versions typically aren’t quite as sharp under a black light but 50 bucks is a comparative bargain. I can’t wait myself.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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