PAUL SMITH: 13 Gorgeous JUSTICE SOCIETY Illustrations

A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE: The artist was born 69 years ago on Sept. 4, 1953…

Artist Paul Smith is best known for his work at Marvel Comics but he’s also popular for illustrating the acclaimed 1993-94 DC miniseries The Golden Age, written by James Robinson.

Well, our pal and amateur colorist Rich Seetoo has been pulling together a bunch of Justice Society (and other DC Golden Agers) illustrations by Smith and bringing them to further life by coloring them and posting them to Facebook.

So since it’s Smith’s birthday, I asked Rich to pick out 13 of his faves — and here they are, in no particular order!



— 13 X-COVERS: A PAUL SMITH Birthday Celebration. Click here.

— 13 GREAT ILLUSTRATIONS: The Dazzling Colors of RICH SEETOO. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. You had me all the way up ‘til you included Captain Marvel. Otherwise, I love the JSA!

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  2. Love all these illustrations! And what a great rendition of the original Wonder Woman! I have to admit though, with Robotman, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle (thanks!), and Captain Marvel, you’ve really got the All-Star Squadron here more than the JSA. Sure would love a nice reprint book or two of the All-Star Squdron series. And would love a new DC series from the WWII time period, especially if it was created without that (ugh!) photo-realistic art.

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  3. What a legendary artist that I think is very under appreciated.

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