It’s AVENGERS WEEK! We’ve asked some of the top names in comics to pick their favorite stories. And we finish up in fitting fashion, with a man whose career is so closely identified with … DC Comics


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Even An Android Can Cry,” The Avengers #58. A nearly perfectly executed story about the nature of what makes us human, done by Roy Thomas and John Buscema at the peak of their powers. I was 11 that summer, relatively new to reading Marvel, and it embodied so many qualities that few comics of the time did as well: the pure SF of a human android (perfect for the fan of Asimov‘s stories), a dash of diversity in the Black Panther, and the complexity of an ever-shifting group book.

John Buscema, poss with George Klein inks

John Buscema, poss with George Klein inks


Author: Dan Greenfield

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