A celebration of Tim Burton’s groundbreaking film — 30 years later…

One of the greatest superhero films ever was released to the general public on June 23, 1989 — Tim Burton’s Batman.

It was a long and crazy journey to get there, as fans well know, and the cinematic landscape was forever altered in the blockbuster’s aftermath.

Over the next week, we’ll be publishing a series of retrospectives and celebrations spotlighting various aspects of a movie that was less a film and more a pop-culture phenomenon.

Below, you’ll find links to our coverage and we’ll be updating as we go. So make sure you bookmark this post and keep checking back daily. (As a bonus, I’ve also included links to other recent coverage.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. On the CGC Forums, a poster essentially asked, “When did Batman replace Superman as DC’s flagship character? The consensus of the answers was 1989. Not when 1986, when DKR was issued but 1989 when the Tim Burton movie premiered. I personally think that’s 100% correct.

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