Hey, Here’s Why the New Movie BATMOBILE Looks Familiar

There’s something wonderfully ’70s about this muscle car…

Y’know, what? I’m tired of Bat-tanks. Frank Miller had a great idea in The Dark Knight Returns but it’s been beaten to death by now, don’t you think?

I miss the days of a sleek, or at least reasonably maneuverable, Bat-ride.

So I gotta say I got a bang out of seeing director Matt Reeves’ pix of the Batmobile — released Wednesday on Twitter — from the forthcoming The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson:

I mean, compared to the Tumbler and whatever it was that Ben Affleck drove, this is practically a compact car.

I kid, of course, because it’s really badass — and it reminds me exactly of the back-to-basics approach that Neal Adams took with the Batmobile in 1970’s Detective Comics #400:

“Dig this experimental car…” Inked by Dick Giordano. Written by Frank Robbins.

Here’s another look, from Detective Comics #402, also with art by Adams:

Also inked by Giordano and written by Robbins.

There’s also this original art from Adams’ 2010 Batman: Odyssey #1:

Even Eaglemoss has done a model of it:

Is it exact? No, of course not.

But it’s certainly reminiscent — lending more credence to the idea of a grounded Dark Knight in the upcoming film.


— 13 DAYS OF THE NEAL ADAMS GALLERY: Cruising in the Batmobile. Click here.

— The BATMOBILE Decade by Decade. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. nope, sorry dan, i don’t see a single thing they have in common other than them being sports cars. Not a single line, shape or feature looks the same on front or back end

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  2. The Eaglemoss model makes the disproportionate Corgi version look like a freakin’ masterpiece.

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  3. Back in the day, he could have driven a Batacuda or a Flying Mousetang. Now he need a Batgatti or a Lamborbatty.

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