Your clearinghouse for the first full year of the Bronze Age…

Welcome to BRONZE AGE BONANZA — our new monthly series that looks at the greatest covers of the Bronze Age, which started 50 years ago.

Click here for more info on this feature, but in a nutshell every month we’ll be ranking the TOP 13 COVERS that came out the same time 50 years earlier.

We’re starting with 1970, the Bronze Age’s first full year but we also have a prelude that covers the final months of 1969.

This post is a repository for BRONZE AGE BONANZA’s links to make it easier for you to refer back as the year goes on. We’ll start with a new index next year, and on and on.


— Introducing… BRONZE AGE BONANZA! Click here.

PRELUDE: The TOP 13 COVERS to End the ’60s — RANKED. Click here.

— The TOP 13 COVERS of JANUARY 1970 — RANKED. Click here.

— The TOP 13 COVERS of FEBRUARY 1970 — RANKED. Click here.

Sources: Mike’s Amazing World of Comics and the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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