Bask in ALEX TOTH’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: A Birthday Celebration

The late, great artist was born 93 years ago…

The late Alex Toth — born June 25, 1928 — was one of the all-time greats, whether we’re talking comics or animation.

Everyone’s got their fave Toth work. Mine happens to be his Black Canary fight page from Adventure Comics #418.

But I also love his contributions to DC’s Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-41, which nominally featured the Super Friends, whom he designed for television:

The 1975 treasury edition wasn’t really a Super Friends publication, though: It featured two Justice League of America reprints from the ’60s, with a groovy framing sequence by Toth where Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog meet the full JLA.

You’ve almost certainly seen these pages, but man is it fun to bask in them again on Toth’s birthday:

Toth also provided other imagery for the treasury, including spot art, a densely packed tutorial on animation, as well as the front and back covers. DC infamously replaced Superman’s face on the front (see up top) because it was considered too far off from the house style. The back cover, however, is Toth all the way:

Dude could draw, y’know?

No wonder virtually every artist I’ve talked to lists him among their biggest influences.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I always wished he’d done more actual comic book work. I remember getting this treasury. There’s an interesting modification (I’m assuming) with the panel showing Robin and the other non- regulars, the name plates are shifted to the left.

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  2. It is long past time for DC to issue an oversized Toth collection.

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