13 COVERS: An ALEX ROSS Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ biggest stars turns 50!

Here’s something crazy: We’ve never done a 13 COVERS gallery spotlighting Alex Ross.

I mean, he’s been featured here at 13th Dimension a whole bunch of times, but never with a full-on gallery of his own.

Why? Because, generally speaking, our artist-specific 13 COVERS features tend to focus on those from the Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages.

There are exceptions of course, and this is one of them. I mean, the dude’s turning 50, y’know? And he happens to be one of the all-time greats.

So dig these 13 COVERS — all from Marvel, just for kicks.



— INSIDE LOOK: How ALEX ROSS Wanted to Reboot FANTASTIC FOUR. Click here.

— How JACK KIRBY Hooked a Young ALEX ROSS. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the Rockwellian Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Ross is one artist who truly respects the original creators’ vision. I wish more were like him. He proves you don’t have to undo or destroy all that made the hero great to tell new stories.

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