The great Marvel inker has died at the age of 80…

Tom Palmer, one of comics’ greatest inkers, died Thursday at the age of 80. His career, spent largely at Marvel, ranks among the very best and his most noted collaborators included Neal Adams, John Buscema and John Byrne.

But it’s probably his teaming with penciller Gene Colan for The Tomb of Dracula that’s his most highly regarded work.

So here is a 13 COVERS tribute featuring that classic Bronze Age pairing.

Rest in peace.


— 13 GREAT PAGES: Inside Gene Colan’s TOMB OF DRACULA ARTIST’S EDITION. Click here.

— NEAL ADAMS MONTH: A Tom Palmer Reunion. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Tom Palmer was one of the greatest inkers in all of comic history, I don’t recall any other that could do what he did. He was truly unique. Rest in peace, Mr. Palmer.

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  2. Wow ! We have lost so many greats in the comic industry this year.
    Tom Palmer will always be one of the greatest inkers.
    I will be looking at some of his and Gene’s Tomb of Dracula and Doctor Strange comics tonight.
    They have left us a wonderful gift.
    Thank you Mr. Palmer. God bless you.

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  3. Not a fan generally of Gene Colan, but Palmer never hurt anyone’s pencils. Still, I’m sorry not to have seen some of his Kree-Skrull work (as in, by Roy Thomas and Tom Palmer, WITH Adams & Los Bros Buscemos.)

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