EXCLUSIVE LOOK: A masterpiece of mood.

Another great Artist’s Edition is headed your way this week: Gene Colan’s Tomb of Dracula Artist’s Edition is out 1/17, from IDW and Marvel.

These editions, of course, feature high-res scans of original comics art in the original size. It’s the closest thing to getting inside an artist’s mind and it’s the next best thing to owning the art itself.

This 144-page edition, which lists for $125 and measures 12″ x 17″, includes six issues of the classic Marvel series from the ’70s: Tomb of Dracula #25, #28, #36, #37, #46 and #48, written by Marv Wolfman and inked by Tom Palmer.

There’s also the typical gallery of extras, featuring an assortment of miscellaneous covers and pages. There are a number of standouts here: Tomb of Dracula was cancelled at #70 and Colan’s final pages are included. However, there’s also a series of uninked pages that were slated for #71 and #72 but were cut when those issues were merged into Issue #70.

So check out this magnificently moody work. And, as I always say when I post these previews, this is just scratching the surface:

The final page

From the never-published Issue #72

Author: Dan Greenfield

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