THE FLASH #105: First Issue of BARRY ALLEN’s Original Series to Get FACSIMILE EDITION

The third of FOUR more Facsimile Editions coming in August and September from DC…

DC’s September solicitations are due this week but we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at four more major Facsimile Edition releases that are on tap for the month (and August).*

And because each issue deserves its own story, we’ve been unveiling one a day over four days.

The first was 1940’s Batman #1. The second was 1941’s Detective Comics #58 — featuring the Penguin’s debut.

This time? 1958’s The Flash #105 — the first issue of Barry Allen’s original solo series. (The series picked up the numbering from the Golden Age.)

Dig the official solicitation info:


Written by JOHN BROOME

$3.99 US | 32 pages
ON SALE 9/26/23

It’s the Flash versus the Master of Mirrors! Barry Allen may be the Fastest Man Alive in his superhero persona, but super-speed means little if he can’t trust what he sees with his own eyes. Plus, in another adventure, an archaeologist accidentally awakens the sole survivor of an ancient civilization, who plans to use his advanced abilities to rule the Earth. As usual, it’s up to the Flash to race to the rescue against the “Conqueror from 8 Million B.C.!” Experience these tales in their original presentation in this facsimile re-creation of the original issue.

A few thoughts:

— I’m rather surprised that this hasn’t been released before, what with the popularity of the TV show. (And now the movie.) Anyway, this is timed to a new Flash series launching in September.

— Have you seen the movie? I liked it. Check it out.

* The Omega Men #3 Facsimile Edition has already been announced for August. Click here.

Obligatory Price Comparison: A lower-grade, unslabbed copy of The Flash #105 recently sold on eBay for $1,025. The Facsimile Edition is four bucks.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I collect DC comics that hit the racks in the month I was born – December, 1958 – so I obtained a graded copy of Flash 105 a few years ago. I have read the reprinted stories in a Flash Archives hardcover but it will be great to finally see the rest of the interior.

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