The BATMAN ’66 Top 13 Episode Countdown: #8

Holy Beach Blanket Bingo!

Maybe I should call this Batman '66 Fortnight?

Every day until 1/12 — the 50th anniversary of Batman’s TV debut — we’re counting down our Top 13 episodes. For more info on our latest Batman ’66 celebration, click here.

And bring on those comments — either here or in whichever social-media thread you found this. We want to hear your thoughts!

In case you missed them:

13. True or False Face/Holy Rat Race (click here!)

12. Green Ice/Deep Freeze (click here!)

11. The Wail of the Siren (click here!)

10. That Darn Catwoman/Scat! Darn Catwoman (click here!)

9. A Piece of the Action/Batman’s Satisfaction (click here!)

Now, No. 8

Surf’s Up! Joker’s Under! I make no apologies. Some consider this to be among the series’ lowest points. Me? I think it’s a 50-foot wave of absurdist comedy.

See, I have no problem whatsoever when the show played Batman for laughs, but it had to be done right. The Riddler boxing episode blew its chance. But this episode, which is essentially the same conceit, makes up for it in, well, spades.

Here, we get what’s probably the dumbest scheme ever — the Joker somehow thinks winning a surfing contest will help him conquer the world. And my lord, is it funny.

Behold, this series of gifs, culled from the Internet:





Among my favorite moments:

— Cesar Romero, who mangles “Cowabunga!” as he races up the beach in his futile belief that he’s won the all-important contest — goes full-on petulant mode when he’s informed that he lost, even though he finished first. “Why not?!” he yell-pouts, giving his all to the ludicrous surroundings.

— That brief look that Batgirl and Robin give each other after emerging from the locker rooms.

— Even though it’s a Batgirl episode, she’s not around much, but there’s plenty of Barbara Gordon to see instead.


Also: the Batcopter cameo; the return of the shark-repellent Batspray; a Batman-Dick Grayson team-up; Sivi Aberg as Undine; and, of course, Buzzy and Duke.


Seriously, this episode is comic brilliance — and the funniest episode of Batman ’66 ever produced.

I dig it so much that this is my iPhone case …


Plus, I’ll also be discussing it on an upcoming episode of The BATCAVE PODCAST.

Oh, and get this: Our BATBOOK OF THE WEEK? Eaglemoss’ Batman Automobilia #75, featuring this episode’s Jokermobile! (Check it out here!)

NEXT: Batman’s in the pink!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great Photos, Yvonne looks great and so does the blond. “Joker” talking into the hot dog, LOL. He kills Me.

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  2. I was wondering how do you like the three part adventure immediately following this episode?? ( Those were the ones where they went to” Londinium !! ” )

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    • This is #1. The entire first 2-3 minutes are almost a music video. And, the music is great! Yes, it is ridiculous but very fun.

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