The BATMAN ’66 Top 13 Episode Countdown: #9

Holy Brave and the Bold!

Maybe I should call this Batman '66 Fortnight?

UPDATED 12/5/16: Van Williams has died at the age of 82. This piece first ran during BATMAN ’66 WEEK in January, but it seemed fitting to re-present it. For more of our Green Hornet/Van Williams salute, click here.

Every day until 1/12 — the 50th anniversary of Batman’s TV debut — we’re counting down our Top 13 episodes. For more info on our latest Batman ’66 celebration, click here.

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In case you missed them:

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Now, No. 9

20 May 1966, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA --- Holy moley and flaming fender benders, kids, this has to be the confrontation of the century! Batman, Robin, the Green Hornet and Kato meet on a corner in Gotham City during the filming of a documentary on ABC-TV's fall season productions. They are discussing the merits of the Batmobile (L) and Black Beauty, the super-cars for the superstar crimebusters. To those in the know in real life (left to right) Robin is Burt Ward; Batman is Adam West; The Green Hornet is Van Williams; and Kato is played by Bruce Lee.

A Piece of the Action/Batman’s Satisfaction — aka the Green Hornet Episode — was always a special event when it came on Channel 11 after school. It wasn’t at the level of the Batman movie on The 4:30 Movie or anything, but it was cool nonetheless.

I suppose I was aware that the Green Hornet and Kato had a show or at least came from somewhere, but I never came close to seeing an episode until just a few years ago. It just wasn’t around in syndication when I was a kid, at least not that I ever saw.



But hindsight being 20/20, the producers did a great job of melding the tones of the two shows. It’s high camp to be sure, but Van Williams and Bruce Lee remain true to their program’s more sober nature. But while I loved the death trap that turned the antiheroes into gigantic postage stamps, I never did learn to love Colonel Mudd, I mean Colonel Gumm.

This foursome deserved a better villain, and DC Comics rectified this in their printed sequel by introducing the Joker to the mix.

Oh, and Kato would have totally kicked Robin’s ass. Sorry.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I could see these two as Bendy figures too!

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    • Bruce Lee would have whupped Burt Ward.But Kato over Robin….

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  2. One cool thing about this episode is that Alex Rocco was one of two actors to appear in both Batman and The Godfather.

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