The BATMAN ’66 Top 13 Episode Countdown: #12

One “Wild!” episode …

Maybe I should call this Batman '66 Fortnight?

Maybe I should call this Batman ’66 Fortnight?

Holy Dick Clark!

Every day between now and 1/12 — the 50th anniversary of Batman’s TV debut — we’ll be counting down our Top 13 episodes. For more info on our latest Batman ’66 celebration, click here.

And bring on those comments — either here or in whichever social-media thread you found this. We want to hear your thoughts!

#13 was True or False Face/Holy Rat Race (click here!)

Now to #12


Green Ice/Deep Freeze has some significant shortcomings — the lame attempt at trying to make “Wild!” a Mr. Freeze catchphrase among them — but it’s highly entertaining nonetheless.

First and foremost, Otto Preminger — despised though he was on the set — nails the look. His big, blue bald head gives you the sense he’s wearing a bubble helmet even though he most definitely isn’t. His physical appearance makes him one of the most memorable villains ever on the show.

One of the greatest Batman deathtraps ever.

One of the greatest Batman deathtraps. A Hall of Famer.

As far as some episode specifics, I’m a big fan of the pool sequence. I always liked whenever they’d show Gotham’s swank nightlife, with Bruce and Dick in their evening finery. It helped propel the illusion that they had lives outside the costumes.


I talked about this episode at length on The Batcave Podcast with host John S. Drew (click here to download and listen. It’s a good time!). He likes the episode a lot less than I do — though he’s more fond of Marie Windsor’s Nellie Majors than I am. I recognize that this one has significant plot holes — really, the city would turn on Batman that quickly? — and that this is style over substance.

But I do love the style.

NOTE: If you want to check out our behind-the-scenes look at Diamond’s Otto Preminger Mr. Freeze bust, click here!

NEXT: No. 11. The kids are alright. (Click here.)


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The actress who played the news reporter in the opening sequence at commisioner gordans office was nicknamed the queen of the b movies. Its my least favorite of the muster freeze episodes though I preferred Eli wallach

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    • I liked Otto Preminger’s Mr Freeze a lot better than Eli Wallach’.s Its a far superior episode and I felt that Otto was far more serious and deadiler than Wallach was. He really meant what he said he was going to do where as Wallach couldnt stop spitting ice cubes!

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