NORM BREYFOGLE’s Batman/Captain America Makeover

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW Back Issue #96 is due 4/26 — featuring tales of Marvel Fanfare.

Just as we prepare to wrap up our 13-week serialization of the book Hero-A-Go-Go! (click here), here comes the new issue of author Michael Eury’s superb magazine Back Issue. This month’s entry is on Marvel Fanfare, the highly regarded Bronze Age anthology series that featured a wide array of top-flight writers and artists from the House of Ideas.

We’ve long posted previews of the magazine but since our serialization of Hero-A-Go-Go! has worked so nicely, from now on we’re going to present a specific Back Issue excerpt in the days leading up to the latest release.

In this case, I’ve chosen an obscure story not just about Marvel Fanfare but about the early career of popular Batman artist Norm Breyfogle. And as a bonus, you can check out Back Issue #96’s table of contents, so you know what else you can look forward to.

Now, dig this story. It’s pretty cool:

Author: Dan Greenfield

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