HAWKMAN to Fly Again in New Series

Coming in June…

Bryan Hitch

DC has been telegraphing this for months what with his prominence in the Metal event, but it’s still great to hear it officially:

Hawkman is coming back to his own series, written by Robert Venditti, with art by Bryan Hitch.

Here’s how DC is describing it: “Spinning out of the events of Dark Nights: Metal and Hawkman: Found, Carter Hall resumes his role as an explorer of the DC Universe‚Äôs ancient and unknown. As Hawkman, Hall is on a quest to find out the true nature of his many incarnations throughout time, but he quickly finds out that elements from those past lives want to keep that secret hidden at any cost.”

Of course, what this means for, say, Thanagar, the Katar Hol identity and Hawkwoman, remains to be seen.

Either way, we’re in.

Hawkman #1 is due 6/13.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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