Groovy BRONZE AGE COMIC STRIPS to Get Special Spotlight

From The Amazing Spider-Man, to The World’s Greatest Superheroes, to Star Trek and MORE…

In addition to a trio of groovy books, TwoMorrows has a fresh line-up of new Back Issue mags coming down the pike. One of the coolest? An issue devoted to Bronze Age comic strips — including Spider-Man, The World’s Greatest Superheroes, Star Trek — even Friday Foster.

Dig the official description:

BACK ISSUE #136 – July 2022 – 84 FULL-COLOR pages

Bronze Age Comics Strips! Spider-Man, Friday Foster, DC’s World’s Greatest Superheroes starring Superman, Howard the Duck, Richie Rich, Star Hawks, Star Trek, Mike Grell’s Tarzan, and more! Plus Charlton’s comic strip tie-ins and the Menomonee Falls Gazette. Spotlighting the work of Gene Colan, Archie Goodwin, Gil Kane, Warren Kremer, Stan Lee, Jorge Longarón, John Romita, Roy Thomas, George Tuska, and more. Comic strip montage cover featuring Spider-Man by Romita. Edited by Michael Eury.

A few thoughts:

— The issue is due June 15, 2022. It will be available at comics shops and magazine sellers but you can already pre-order it directly from TwoMorrows. Click here.

— Wanna see what other BI issues are on the schedule now? You definitely do. A big one is a history of DC’s pre-Crisis miniseries. Click here to check that out — and click here for even more.

— This just reminds me that the Batman strip of the late ’80s, much of which was illustrated by Marshall Rogers, still hasn’t been collected. That’s a cryin’ shame.


— THE TEAM-UP COMPANION Set for Release in 2022. Click here.

— Illustrated DAVE COCKRUM Biography Coming In 2022. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I have the IDW collections of the Star Trek strips. It’s pretty engaging, with great stories and art, until it gets to the Star Trek II era, where there’s a rotating array of artists, including some who are TERRIBLE. Like High School Newspaper levels of competency. I am always shocked that Paramount cared so little to allow this for MONTHS.

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  2. The Batman strips by Mac Allan Collins and Marshall Rogers were terrific. They only did one story arc, though. It wasn’t the same after that.

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  3. Looking forward to this!

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  4. Yes it is a cryin’ shame that the 1989 Batman strip, set in the movie’s world, has yet to receive a nice reprint. And while it is true that Max Allen Collins and Marshall Rogers only did the first story arc (an excellent Catwoman story), William Messner-Loebs and Carmine Infantino turn in some really good work too. The Riddler and the Mad Hatter appear, and the strip wraps up with a great take on Harvey Dent and Two-Face as the DA puts the Joker on trial. Shoulda/Coulda been included in that Batman ’89 movie adaptation hardcover DC put out awhile back.

    Nice to see that Back Issue is coming up with a historical salute to the newspaper strips that were being generated as syndicates were trying to keep the genre alive in its waning days. But it is far more important that some of these strips get reprinted. Everything doesn’t have to be a hardcover, less expensive softcovers would be welcome as well (hint to TwoMorrows).

    It’s also a cryin’ shame that LOAC’s Spider-Man strip reprint series ended when it did, as the next volume would have included the Peter Parker / Mary Jane Watson wedding that would survive for the remainder of the strip before it went into reruns a couple of years back. Maybe since they are out from under IDW, LOAC could do at least one more volume.

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