GOTHAM TRIBUNE EXCLUSIVE: Batman ’66 #26 Preview

We’re not quite done yet with BATMAN ’66 WEEK. As a coda to last week’s festivities, we have a preview of Ruben Procopio‘s lovely watercolor art for the digital-first Issue #26.

Our love of all things Batman ’66 knows no bounds here, but this art is particularly beautiful. It’s not often you see watercolors in comics and it was such a perfect choice.

The two-parter, written by Jeff Parker, features the outlaw gunman Shame, making his Batman ’66 comic debut. The story will also appear in Issue #9 of the print edition of the title, in March.

Sayeth the official DC blurb: “Batman and Robin hit the dusty trail to track down that six-shootin’ sidewinder, Shame. He’s out to rob a train. Can the Dynamic Duo stop him in his tracks?”

I’m guessing they can, but it’s all in the journey, citizens:

Batman 66 Chapter 26_2

Page 2

Batman 66 Chapter 26_3

Page 3

Page 5

Page 5

Page 9

Page 9

That hat!

From the Batcomputer: Excellent Batman week a-looming on the racks. You got your Batman #27, with more Zero Year; your Batman and Two Face #27; your Harley Quinn #2, plus a few others. The one I’m looking forward to the most? Obvious:



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Shockingly beautiful and what a creative direction for the Dynamic Duo!

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