The final chapter is finally headed your way!

Hey, remember the awesome fan-driven, 3-issue online miniseries Batman Meets Godzilla? It came on like gangbusters in 2020 but real life delayed the final chapter.

Thankfully, that wait is almost over — writer/ringleader Eric Elliott and his klatsch of illustrators are prepping a fall release that will complete the story, based on an unfilmed 1960s treatment.

“All pages are drawn,” Eric said. “We are finalizing the coloring and then lettering will be done.” (You can check out the first two issues here, by the by. They’re 100 percent free!)

“Batman and Robin will face off against a brainwashed Batgirl,” he explained. “Hugo Strange unleashes a new monster. And Godzilla returns(?). Batman is aided again by Dr. Yoichi Kono, Captain Shindo, and a new mysterious Kaiju Strikeforce known as the Supernatural Action Force Elite (SAFE). But will it be enough to stop Professor Strange?”

So dig these three pages, as well as another look at one of the Issue #3 covers by Kero Wack (click here to see the others).

Kero Wack

These three pages were pencilled and inked by John Paul Lona and colored by Howard Simpson. (Lona was an illustrator on Star Wars and Battletech role playing games; Simpson works in film, animation and comics, and is the founder of Abba Studios.)

Right on.


— BATMAN ’66 MEETS GODZILLA: Now You Can Finally Check Out the Lost Project. Click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. So, this is unlicensed right? That Batmobile is not the Barris version.

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  2. Nice seeing Hugo Strange.

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