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We’ve written a metric ton on Factory Entertainment’s upcoming 1966 Batcave model. (Click here.) Now, we can declassify this top-secret communique from MI6 headquarters, Q Branch:


MESSAGE BEGINS — HM Gov. Intelligence sources have received credible intelligence that a Golden Gun Redux is currently being developed at a top-secret location. No further details are forthcoming at this time, in fact chaps you could say it’s all rather “hush-hush” — rest assured field agents will receive further briefings as more intel becomes available — MESSAGE ENDS

Yes, it’s true. A new edition of Scaramanga’s weapon of choice is being prepared by Factory Entertainment, which produced a similar, limited edition replica that sold out years ago. Not only that, Factory is looking at other props from the world of James Bond, building on one of its most popular high-end lines. (You can check out what Factory still has in stock by clicking here.)

All pix are of the original replica.

The original, released in 2010, boasted two versions: a Limited Edition that ran for $449, and a Signature Edition ($649) that featured signatures by Christopher Lee and Roger Moore. (For more info on the original’s specs, click here.)

Barry Eldridge, Factory’s creative director, emphasized that the new version of the Golden Gun would be slightly different from the original replica, to preserve the first release’s collectibility. He said the company is a firm believer in keeping limited editions exactly that. What alterations will be made wasn’t immediately clear, nor was the price.

All pix are of the original replica.

“Honestly, we would not even consider doing the Golden Gun again if it were not for the fact that there remains huge demand from people who missed out on the previous version,” Eldridge said. “We are bowing to market pressure; literally for the last seven years a different person has contacted me at least once a week asking if we still have them in stock.”

Guess it’s time to bust out the white leisure suit…


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Bring down the price to under 400’$ to about 389’$ ,
    a nutty buddy of mine made a nice good Quality 1′ by using his 3’D printer and it’s not all that bad

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  2. Any updates on a release date for this yet?

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  3. Bump: Any new news about a reRelease of the Golden Gun Replica?

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  4. I have the first release by Factory Entertainment. The Limited signature edition Number 056 very low number. Only ever displayed in a dark room with box stored away. Have contemplated selling it for a few years now and price goes up every year!. Glad to hear that when a new one is released that it will differ from the first. Of course Christopher and Roger are sadly no longer with us. Peter from UK..

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  5. Please do a new release!!!

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  6. Can’t wait for the new release!

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