A li’l birthday salute to the once and future Batman…

Michael Keaton — born Sept. 5, 1951 — turns 69! That’s kind of a mind-blower, isn’t it?

Anyway, to tip our cowl to the actor who defined the Dark Knight for a generation (and who will again reclaim the mantle of the bat), we present a pair of stunning art pieces from TwoMorrows’ Back Issue #113.

Dig these:

And that’s not all: The cover of BI #113 — by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez — which came out in 2019 is also a gorgeous piece of work:


Now here’s a bit of a PSA: BI #113 is one of the best resources on Batman ’89, and the comics of the period, you’re going to find — and TwoMorrows still has plenty of copies in stock. And they’re charging only $5.37 a copy.

That is a Bat-bargain, folks. I mean, check out the table of contents:

I promise you this issue is worth your time and (obviously) your money. You can order yours directly from TwoMorrows. Just click here. (They have a lot of other mags and books deep-discounted too.)

Meanwhile, we’ve got more Batman ’89 material for you to check out on Keaton’s birthday.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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