Dig These Groovy ROBIN 80TH ANNIVERSARY Decade Variant Covers

The Boys and Girls Wonder get the big treatment in March…

DC’s Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular is due March 11 and the publisher Thursday released most of the issue’s decade-tribute variant covers. (This after it released similar covers for The Flash #750 earlier this week. Click here.)

Let’s get right to them:

1950s by Julian Totino Tedesco

1960s by Dustin Nguyen

1970s by Kaare Andrews

1980s by Frank Miller and Alex Sinclair

1990s by Jim Cheung and Tomeu Morey.

2000s by Derrick Chew

2010s by Yasmine Putri

A few thoughts:

— The 1940s cover will be by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. That’s to be released soon. Same with the color version of the ’90s cover. (UPDATED: You can click here to check out Lee’s pencils for the cover.)

— Dustin Nguyen is not the first artist I would have thought of for the 1960s but I dig the Batman ’66 salute. Not really Silver Agey, but a nice tribute nonetheless.

— My fave? That 1970s job by Andrews. Right on.

— The main cover will be by Lee Weeks and you can click here to see an early version.

— Very curious what the trade dress will look like for these. Usually, it matches the era for each cover but Robin didn’t have a solo comic until the ’90s. He did, however, have various logos through the years, so I think it would be especially far out if they use this one for the ’70s:


— DC to Release 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR to Celebrate ROBIN’s 80th Anniversary. Click here.

— Dig the Final Versions of the DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 Variants. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • Robin deserves respect. But I am a bigger fan of Nightwing. Great evolutionary character.

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  1. I stopped looking when I saw the Frank Miller nod to the ‘80s. I hate how much that style dictates to the history. My favorite is the ‘70s cover. The others don’t look at all like what those eras would do.

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  2. I like the Kaare Andrews cover the most, BY FAR. Would have been nice to see a Dick Sprang style Robin. Some of these I can’t see selling well at all. Not sure what the artists were thinking.

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  3. Thumbs down to the 60’s cover…would have been neat to see a cover based on the Aurora Robin model box instead. I agree with Dave.

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  4. Love seeing that Toon Tumbler logo, but wasn’t Robin a teen wonder in the ’70’s?

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  5. I love the Andrews cover as well. I want that logo you posted Dan (also used on the Super Powers packaging), but with the proper “Teen Wonder” designation, as Brian Rosen pointed out. I’ve noticed when it’s used now, they’ve changed “Teen” to “Boy”.

    Hopefully the classic Robin logo originally used in the Star-Spangled Comics solo stories will get some love on these as well.




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    • I gotta figure they’ll use that logo, Chris. They did use it for the Robin Showcase Presents.

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