Dig the Final Versions of the DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 Variants

BATMAN WEEK: Now with era-appropriate logos!

It’s BATMAN WEEK! We’re celebrating Wednesday’s Detective Comics #1000 — and Saturday’s 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader. For the complete index of features and tributes — many by some of the top creators in comics — click here.

Last year, DC set the tone for Action Comics #1000 with a series of variant covers celebrating every era of Superman. (Great stuff. Click here.) It was such a successful move, they repeated the stunt this year for Detective Comics #1000, which is out Wednesday, March 27.

Each cover features an artist paying tribute to a different decade of the Dark Knight. (This doesn’t count the billion retailer-exclusive variants out there.)

So far, fans have seen just the artwork. (Click here.) Now, you can see the final versions — complete with decade-specific trade dress.

Check it out:

1930s: Steve Rude

1940s: Bruce Timm, after Jerry Robinson

1950s: Michael Cho

1960s: Jim Steranko

1970s: Bernie Wrightson. Colors by Alex Sinclair.

1980s: Frank Miller. Colors by Alex Sinclair.

1990s: Tim Sale. Colors by Brennan Wagner.

2000s: Jock

2010s: Greg Capullo. Colors by FCO Plascencia

Main cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair


The Complete BATMAN WEEK Index of Features and Tributes. Click here.

Dig NEAL ADAMS’ Three DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 Covers. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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