Dig These Classic Pop Culture TRADING CARD BOXES

I’ll trade you a Jimmy and a Lois for a Robin and a Catwoman…

I collected baseball cards as a kid and I gotta tell you: Never did I seriously consider buying a season’s full run all at once. The whole point was the thrill of the hunt, the flipping and the wheeling and dealing.

But getting an unopened box of cards? That was something else entirely — a Falstaffian smorgasbord. Yet because of doubles, there was no chance I’d come close to a full set. (I couldn’t tell you how many Don Hahn cards I got in 1975.)

The same held true for any cards I collected, sports or pop culture. And the box itself was a treat; I still remember my pretty Topps Star Wars Series 2 card box.

So naturally, I’m a big fan of our pal Anthony Durso’s box repros, which you can find at his site The Toyroom. (Prices vary.)

Here are 10 of them — he doesn’t have quite enough for me to pick 13. So be it! (By the way, I get no cut of his sales. I just love to show off his groovy work.)

Right on.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Ah, the sweet memories…and the frustration of buying pack after pack trying to complete a gum card set. And, yes, we did call them “gum cards,” not “trading cards.” I have a memory of buying a whole bunch of packets, unwrapping all of them on the floor with plenty of gum dust on my hands from all those hard sticks of gum in there.

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  2. Cool – I avidly collected the Batman & Dark Shadows cards when I was a kid.

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