Multiple distributors are here to stay…

When DC began distributing its own comics at the end of April, a lot of folks thought that once the dust settled, the publisher and Diamond Comic Distributors would find a way to eventually get back together.

After all, Diamond has still been distributing DC’s comics and books since it geared back up in May.

Turns out the split is now complete — and permanent — a radical shift for the comics industry.

There will be a lot of fallout to be sure, but until then, click here to check out The Hollywood Reporter’s story.


— DC COMICS Will Distribute Its Own Titles — Starting in Late April. Click here.

— MARVEL to Resume Publishing Comics in LATE MAY. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m enjoying all of the people who are upset at how DC is treating the freaking monopoly. The monopoly that didn’t care about them, their local comic shops or the smaller publishers when they shut down without warning back in March. I have no idea if DC’s move is good, bad or indifferent; but I’m understanding the online reaction from consumers even less.

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    • Consumers just care about how they’re going to get their DC products. I am already missing half a dozen DC trade collections which I would have had if nothing had changed in the last few months. So the change means I get less access to DC’s products, and now have to try to find them online somewhere. Some things I will probably never wind up getting.

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  2. Is this why our local drugstores stopped having spinner racks? If so, GOOD. I hated how that experience went away

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