DC COMICS Jumping Back Into Vintage Collections in 2023

Books of classic material are returning to shelves…

Since the pandemic began, DC has pulled back on much of its vintage trade collection program.

Books with Golden, Silver and Bronze Age flavor have been few and far between as the publisher has focused on its contemporary output.

Well, there are signs of change: DC plans to put back on the schedule at least two retrospectives that were yanked before they could be published — Legends of the Dark Knight: Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino. (They were first listed in 2020.)

Not only that, there’s a Detective Chimp trade in the mix as well. (I cannot recall whether this had been on the schedule and pulled or whether this is a new offering. If you have info, feel free to add it to the comments.) [UPDATED 8/1/22: DC also has a Superman 85th anniversary collection in the works. Click here for details.]

Dig these official descriptions from the website for Penguin Random House, which handles DC’s book distribution:


José Luis García-López’s iconic depictions of DC’s characters defined a generation—and he’s illustrated some of the most immediately recognizable tales of the Dark Knight!

This incredible hardcover collection is a can’t miss for any fan of José Luis García-López incredible work! Legends of the Dark Knight: José Luis García-López contains Batman #272, #311, #313, #314, #318, #321, #336-337, and #353, Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1, Batman Confidental #26-28, Batman: Family #3, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table #1-2, Batman: Gotham Knights #10, Batman: Reign of Terror #1, DC Comics Presents #31 and #41, DC Special Series #21, Detective Comics #454, #458-459, #483, and #487, The Best of the Brave and the Bold #1-6, The Brave and the Bold #164 and #171, The Joker #4, The Untold Legend of the Batman #1-3, and World’s Finest Comics #244, #255, and #258.

List price: $49.99
Page count not listed
Due April 18, 2023


Carmine Infantino is a legend in comics—known for his work with The Flash, Batman, Superman, and more. This collection is a can’t-miss moment for any fan of his work!

The DC Universe wouldn’t be what it is today without the legendary Carmine Infantino! Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino collects All-American Comics #95, All-Star Comics #40, Comic Cavalcade #28, Danger Trail #1-4, DC Comics Presents #73, DC Special #1, Detective Comics #327 and #332, Flash Comics #86, #90, and #92, House of Mystery #296, Mystery in Space #3, Secret Hearts #8, Secret Origins #17, Sensation Comics #87, Showcase #4, Strange Adventures #205, Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #89, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, The Brave and the Bold #49, The Flash #112 and #123, and Western Comics #73.

List price: $49.99 US
408 Pages
Due March 28, 2023


Bruce isn’t the only sleuth who knows how to swing across Gotham!

Detective Chimp collects Amazing World of DC Comics #1, DC Comics Presents #35, DC Special #1, Tarzan #231 and #234-235, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, #6-46, and Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #6!

List price: $16.99
276 Pages
Due March 28, 2023

A few thoughts:

— Between these and the return of the Facsimile Editions, I hope we’re seeing a renewed focus on DC’s classic material. It’s not unfair to say this is an area where Marvel eats DC’s lunch and as a DC fan, I’m guardedly optimistic that its vast library will be getting some renewed love.

— The Garcia-Lopez and Infantino covers are not final, though I imagine the images will be the same, with updated trade dress. The Detective Chimp cover wasn’t available so I used his Who’s Who entry as a placeholder. The Infantino book was originally billed as Vol. 1. It’s not clear whether that’s still the case because the cover image is the same one from when the book was originally listed but the description makes no mention.

Standard caveat: None of these have been formally solicited – they’re not even on Amazon yet as I write this – so anything can change. Keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


— SUPERMAN: DC Planning 85th ANNIVERSARY Trade Collection. Click here.

— JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ’s BATMAN Work to Get Hardcover Collection. Click here.

— DC Plans Hardcover Tribute to CARMINE INFANTINO. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great to see both the Garcia Lopez and Infantino HC’s back on the schedule. I guess too much water has passed under the bridge to have any hope of the DC Archives returning, but volume twos for Tales of the Batman: Don Newton, Power of Shazam, Infinity Inc, and DC Universe by Neal Adams are all high on my wishlist.

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    • Want them to start up those silver age collections for Flash Green Lantern. Legion Batman and Superman again.

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      • DC is left in the dust by Marvel’s “Epic Collection” line. They had a good start with the Golden/Silver/Bronze Age series but stopped just as it got going. DC needs to at least give the 1970s Batman a complete run like the EC editions.

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      • The Silver Age Flash, GL and Legion have all been collected.

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  2. Looking forward to the Bobo collection!

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  3. Not sure what new material there is in Tarzan #231 and #234-235. as these are straight reprints from Rex.

    That being said, this is a book I have been crying out for since the 90’s.

    Carmine Infantino-big yes as well.

    Love JLGL art but hoping that will contain complete stories, so many tales of 80’s 90’s had different teams on different parts of the stories.

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  4. Well, is my first time that i write in this superb blog, and the reason is quite curious, because is the first time, i think so, that DC comics publish a classic comic book first in Spanish, just like this case with the complilation from Batman by the master of master, mr. Jose Luis GarciaLopez.

    The fact is that these edition went on sale the pasy may, ans the material is quite similar to the referenced title as yuo can see:


    Departure date: 05/10/2022.

    The adventures of Batman that he drew in collections such as Detective Comics, World’s Finest Comics or The Joker are authentic classics that are collected in this volume written by legendary screenwriters such as Bob Haney or Martin Pasko.

    And that’s not all, since the volume is completed with the episodes of Batman Confidential that had King Tut as a villain, a villain born in the Batman television series of the sixties. Also included is the famous “lost episode” in which the cathodic version of the Dynamic Duo faced none other than Two-Face.

    Original Edition: World’s Finest Comics nos. 244, 255, 258, The Joker no. 4, Detective Comics no. 454, 458-459, Batman nos. 272, 336-337, 353, Batman Family no. 3, The Brave and the Bold nos. 164, 171, DC Comics Presents no. 31, 41, Batman: Gotham Knights no. 10, Batman Confidential nos. 26-28, Batman ’66: The Lost Episode USA.

    Also the volume include episodes without the bat but the Joker in the main role and some sketchs and covers from Gotham’s Heroe.

    don’t you think so?

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  5. How can they release Garcia Lopez Batman collection and not include Batman vs Hulk.

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    • Marvel and DC would have to agree and they don’t collaborate anymore. The recent JLA/Avengers reprint was a special case.

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  6. I only wish that they get around to releasing the Crisis on Multiple Earths trade volume that collects the final JLA/JSA team-ups from 1983, 1984, and 1985. They missed out on those when they first collected them many years ago and it looks like they’re gonna drop the ball once again.

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