Well, that’s too bad.

A little while back, we broke the news that DC was planning a special two-book omnibus set that reprinted the first 26 issues of Detective Comics — before Batman arrived on the scene. (Click here.)

The whole thing was pegged to Detective Comics #1000 and Batman’s 80th anniversary early next year.

Unfortunately, DC has cancelled the project.

A similar thing happened recently with the Shazam!: Monster Society of Evil hardcover edition slated for this winter. (Click here.)

One common denominator is that both projects feature Golden Age stories that include extremely unflattering portrayals of minorities. My understanding is that the publisher realized that the stories would not measure up to today’s enlightened standards.

As I wrote here, it’s a thoroughly understandable viewpoint. Personally, however, I’d prefer DC put out the material with historical essays that put these works in their proper context.

Perhaps one solution, as far as the Detective Comics slipcase is concerned, would be to publish a smaller collection of stories from the 26 issues that would pass muster. This way, readers could get a taste of what these comics, which have historical value, had to offer.

Would that sell? Doubtful.

Either way, I don’t expect we’ll find out.


— DC Formally Announces DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 Plans. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I don’t have a problem if DC decided the material could not be issued under today’s standards – that’s fine. What I don’t understand is why they couldn’t figure that out before they made the announcement? In the case of the “Monster Society of Evil” they announced it, then canceled because the material was considered too racist. Then, a few years later, they announced it again and cancelled again for the same reason. Now, they are doing the same thing with the Detective Comics box. That’s nuts and a poor way to run a business.

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    • People doing foolish things on their own is one thing, but its immensely easier for large groups to make these errors, in my experience. Too many cooks spoil the broth applies more than two heads are better than one.

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  2. Because, if we act like it never happened, it will change the actual history. Comics have always reflected to some degree the society forming around it at the time. There is historical context here. Maybe the real reason was very lite pre-sales at Amazon that they decided for $$$ reasons but are playing the PC-card because it fashionable in our age today.

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