Burt Ward’s Daughter, Lisa Ward, in Critical Condition

The family has put out the sad news…

Tracy Ward, Burt Ward’s wife, posted on Facebook on Saturday night that his daughter, Lisa Ward, is in critical condition. (The full statement is below.)

This is obviously deeply distressing news and our thoughts are with the Wards at this difficult time.

On a personal level, I’ve known Lisa through back channels for a number of years now. Though we’ve never met face to face, we’ve corresponded quite a bit and I’ve always found her to be charming and kind.

She even was willing to go along for an interview about her life as the Boy Wonder’s child. You can click here to read it. I’m proud that she enjoyed it as much as she did.

So, please get well Lisa. We’re rooting for you.

Lisa’s birth was front-page news.

The Wards’ Statement

Our Beautiful, Wonderful Daughter Lisa is in Critical Condition.

We Love her with all of our Hearts and are praying for her every moment.

As our Granddaughter Katie says below;

If everyone can say a prayer for Lisa, we would truly appreciate it.

The power of prayer is so strong…every single one counts and we have faith that God will heal her as we fight to save her life.

Thank you all,

Tracy, Burt and our whole family.


We Love You So Much, Lisa and The World is Praying for You to get Better!

All Our Love Forever,

Mom and Dad

Katie Keckeisen
If anyone can please say a prayer for my mom I’d truly appreciate it. She has been in critical condition since Tuesday. The power of prayer is so strong…every single one counts and I have faith God will heal her. Thank you.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Prayers and blessings to LisaStay strong B&T❤️

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    • I hope she prayers for Lisa and the whole ward family

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  2. Prayers for Lisa and the Ward family.

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  3. Omg what happened that Burt Ward’s daughter is in critical condition??? Please tell me so I can pray for a miracle
    I hope She will get better

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  4. Praying for Healing in Jesus name Amen

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  5. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family….God Bless

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  6. Praying for healing for Lisa and peace & comfort for the entire Ward family! —Becky—

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  7. Praying for Lisa and her family to have the miracle they deserve for our years of kindness and love.

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  8. My prayers are with Lisa and the Ward family for a speedy recovery you deserve the best
    Jenny Boals Kilkelly

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