BIG SALE on Factory’s GREEN HORNET Merchandise


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After Van Williams died, I saw that a lot of fans were wondering about Green Hornet action figures and other merchandise, so I re-publicized this REVIEW from our GREEN HORNET WEEK awhile ago,

Then, today, I found myself poking around Factory Entertainment’s site and saw that most of the company’s Hornet merch was deeply discounted.

I contacted Barry Eldridge, the company’s creative director, and it turns out that in a bizarre bit of timing, the company put more than half of its Green Hornet items on sale as part of its Black Friday blitz.



Seriously, this is cool stuff. For starters, the Green Hornet/Kato 2-pack is down to 10 bucks. A pair of TV cufflinks? 5 bucks. Check out all the prices and items, here.

The Hornet license was a labor of love for the company’s CEO, Jordan Schwartz, and Factory even posted a farewell on its homepage, which you can see here. (Scroll down.)

Van was a friend of the company, he worked closely with us to get the details of our prop replica items just right and was, in short, an all-around gentleman,” Barry told me in an email. “He is our CEO’s childhood hero, so it was literally a dream come true for him to have the honor of making products bearing Van’s signature. Sad news indeed. RIP.”

Barry also enclosed a shot that Williams had taken of himself signing plaques for their top replicas.

“This one has never been seen publicly but I always liked it as he looks really happy in it!” Barry noted. “Van told us he proudly displayed his Gas Gun replica on the tank of the toilet in his guest bathroom… which I always thought was funny. No reflection on what he thought of the product, just a reflection of his wicked sense of humor! Where he kept the Hornet Sting, well, that is anybody’s guess.”

Now, for the sake of full disclosure, no, this is not a paid ad and I wasn’t given anything to do this. Like I said, I contacted them. I just figured that a lot of Green Hornet fans not in the know might want to take advantage of this because Factory does really good work. (I mean, just check out their 1966 Batcave prototype, here.)

The sale runs through 12/11/16.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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