13 Quick Thoughts on TOY FAIR 2015 … So Far

We’re gonna have a whole bunch of reports on Toy Fair this week — even after it ends on Tuesday … but here are 13 initial, rapid-fire thoughts — WITH PIX!!


1. The Batman ’66 juggernaut is starting to slow down a little — with some very distinct exceptions. Now that most of the main characters have been produced in a number of formats — by a litany of companies — there’s little left to do. Of course, there are companies, like Tweeterhead, which isn’t here, that are just getting started. Diamond Select is throwing down the Batgirl gauntlet in a big way:



2. NECA‘s 18-inch Christopher Reeve is Super to behold. I like that the fabric covers that abdominal crease.



3. The fact that we live in a world where Ambiguously Gay Duo, 8-inch, Mego-style action figures exist means there’s something right with that world.



4. Karate Kid Re-Action figures? I really, really hope that they make a Johnny with “sweep the leg” action.



5. Close-up of NECA‘s 7-inch Caesar!



6. I am so ready for Diamond Select‘s next run of Mego-style figures.



7. Funko Re-Action Star Trek — Beam me up!



8. NJ Croce is the little engine that could. I love their products. Bendable figures don’t get the same love that highly articulated figures get but this is a very inventive, passionate company. I particularly liked their Batgirl ’66, Riddler ’66 and Batmobile ’66. But I’ll be getting into their offerings more in-depth.



9. The DC Collectibles Icons line left me cold when it was announced the other day. But then I saw them up close … and boy am I singing a different tune.



10. Heisenberg was there!



11. Gotham is getting a lot of love. More on that soon.



12. This is the best Wonder Woman statue this side of Chainsaw Wonder Woman. From DC Collectibles and Robert Valley.



13. The biggest gasp of excitement from the Hasbro presentation was for Spider-Man Legends Infinite Series Misty Knight!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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