13 COVERS: A NICK CARDY Birthday Celebration

Nicholas Viscardi was born Oct. 20, 1920. He was one of the greatest artists the Silver Age had to offer.

Artist Bruno Premiani kicked things off with this proto-Titans story. Cardy took it from there.

Artist Bruno Premiani kicked things off with this proto-Titans story. Cardy took it from there.

Such a coincidence.

Titans Hunt #1 comes out this week, a DC book that jumps into the past and brings back a bunch of Teen Titans characters unused or underused for years, like Aqualad, Lilith, Mal and the original Hawk and Dove. (More on that here, plus an interview with writer Dan Abnett, here.)

Look at that logo! And that's a Cardy homage there ... and homage to a JLA cover!

Look at that logo! And that’s a Cardy homage there …

... an homage to a JLA cover!

… an homage to a JLA cover!

I’m always keen to link the present to the past, so I planned a 13 COVERS feature to mark the release of the book. And, naturally, given that Titans Hunt goes back to the group’s earliest days, I figured I’d make the whole thing about Nick Cardy’s work since he had a hand in every cover of the Titans‘ initial 43-issue run, not to mention an issue each of Brave and the Bold and Showcase.

Then, of all things, it turns out it’s also Nick Cardy’s birthday.

What are the chances?

So here we are, with my 13 FAVORITE NICK CARDY TEEN TITANS COVERS. Now, normally, when I do a 13 COVERS salute, I don’t rank the covers or necessarily even deem them my favorites or the greatest. Often it’s more esoteric than that. But I’m such a devotee of Nick Cardy’s Teen Titans work, I’m going all in this time.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment here or in the social-media thread where you saw this. Even better? Add your own!

Nick Cardy died in in 2013 at the age of 93. At least we still have his beautiful art.

(And if you want to look back to see what comics pros like Dave Bullock, Cully Hamner and Gabriel Hardman had to say about him when he died, click here. Plus, for a special remembrance by superstar artist Amanda Conner, click here.)


1. This was the most memorable Cardy Titans cover of my youth. So creepy and dramatic. It also signaled a shift from the swinging Silver Age covers toward the more horror-inflected Bronze Age covers.


2. Man, Nick Cardy could draw women. This was once the most sought-after Titans cover. Only George Perez rivaled Cardy’s Wonder Girl.


3. An early indication of Robin’s importance to the Titans. I always thought the Ant had the potential to be a real rival for Robin. Alas.


4. Perhaps the most clever cover on this list.


5. I just love the way this is framed. Really cool.


6. Obviously, Cardy liked it too, because he went back to the well not long after …


7. A classic showdown. The best part is that Wonder Girl could kick both their heinies.


8. Rarely did Aqualad get this kind of chance to shine.


9. Really trippy and hippie-dippy. Very much of its time but it still sings, baby, yeah! (Check out the Jagger hand on hip, too!)


10. Never liked this storyline but man, Cardy could make Wonder Girl look good in anything.


11. Seriously, he never tired of putting her front and center, did he? Can’t blame him …


12. Not as effective as Issue #14 (No. 1, above) but really plays into that Bronze Age Titans horror shtick.


13. So much pink! Love it.

As usual, all images from the awesome Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wow! Cool post. Knew Nick Cardy’s work but I don’t think I REALLY knew his work. And man, he did good work! Big fan now. Thanks.

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