13 COVERS: A MURPHY ANDERSON Birthday Celebration

Saluting another Dynamic Duo…

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated artist Joe Giella’s 89th birthday with a look at 13 Batman and Detective covers he inked over Carmine Infantino’s pencils during the Silver Age (click here). Of course, Infantino’s other great cover inker at the time was Murphy Anderson, who would have been 91. (He was born July 9, 1926, and died in 2015).

Anderson was one of the prime pencillers for DC at the time too but for this year’s birthday celebration, I wanted to dive into those brilliant Batman covers that he and Infantino worked on.

So here’s our 13 COVERS salute — and to check out some of Infantino and Giella’s work, click here.

(Don’t see your fave? Just add it in the comments below or in whichever social-media thread you found this.)

Cover images and credits from the go-go Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Loved Murphy Anderson art. He was my favorite Silver Age Artist. Carmine Infantino, & Murphy Anderson were my favorite Art Team. Classic work.

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  2. I had a subscription to Detective Comics in 1967-68 when I was 8 and 9. The Infantino-Anderson covers were the high point of several of those issues. No. 366 was especially dramatic.

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  3. Some of my very favorite covers of all time! Fantastic team!

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