13 COVERS: A DAVE STEVENS Hall of Fame Salute

And it’s the late artist’s birthday, too…

Some of the most illustrious names in comics were inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame at San Diego Comic-Con, so we’re celebrating the work of an artful quintet of 13th Dimension faves — Bill Sienkiewicz, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jim Aparo, Dave Stevens and Wendy Pini, who was chosen with her writing partner Richard Pini. (Writer/exec Paul Levitz was also among the class and you can check out THE PAUL LEVITZ INTERVIEWS here.)

For each of the artists above, we’re showing off a 13 COVERS gallery — and now it’s the finale: A spotlight on the late Dave Stevens.

As it turns out, today was Stevens’ birthday — he was born July 29, 1955 — giving us another reason to enjoy these 13 COVERS by the creator of the Rocketeer and one of modern comics’ greatest purveyors of good-girl art:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. LOVE his retro art style. As for his T&A pinup work…let’s just say HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!

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  2. i wish he would have had a solid run on anything existing (marvel/DC) or that he created. gone too soon…

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