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Some of the most illustrious names in comics were inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, so this week we’re celebrating the work of an artful quintet of 13th Dimension faves — Bill Sienkiewicz, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jim Aparo, Dave Stevens and Wendy Pini, who was chosen with her writing partner Richard Pini. (Writer/exec Paul Levitz was also among the class and you can check out THE PAUL LEVITZ INTERVIEWS here.)

Over five days, we’re bringing you five 13 COVERS galleries — and now it’s Garcia-Lopez’s turn.

Similar to Aparo, this slate features a selection of DC team-up books (for the most part). This way, you get JLGL on a broad range of characters.

Far out.

Dan Adkins inks

Adkins inks

Dave Gibbons inks

Gibbons inks

Carmine Infantino layout. Bob Oksner inks.

NEXT: WENDY PINI. Click here.


— 13 COVERS: A BILL SIENKIEWICZ Hall of Fame Salute. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A JIM APARO Hall of Fame Salute. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the purty Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great selection of covers.

    As a child of the 70s/80s, I consider JLGL a definite favorite of mine. I got those first four DC Comics Presents issues in the old Whitman three-packs and was blown away by them. I think DCCP #4 by JLGL and Len Wein (what a great team!) may be my favorite issue of the whole series. For anyone who doesn’t know, the first four DCCP issues have interior art by JLGL. If you don’t have them, get them!

    Batman vs the Hulk is another of my favorite comics. I had no idea it was coming out and stumbled across it at my local grocery store. There was no doubt what comic I was taking home that day, since Batman and the Hulk were my favorite DC and Marvel characters, respectively. The beautiful JLGL cover and artwork was just icing on the cake. That is one beautifully drawn comic.

    I’ll post here just like I did on the Aparo article. JLGL should have been in the hall of fame a long time ago.

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  2. Loved all these! And I loved the title on Black Canary’s origin story: “The Canary is a Bird of Prey.”

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