The Best SUPERMAN Comic Never Published by DC

Hire this guy.

Just the other day, I reiterated how Superman and Action Comics are the best they’ve been in years. The Superman I know and love is back. And last week I wrote about Funko’s new First Appearance Superman action figure (click here for the info).

Great time to be a fan of the Man of Steel.

It gets better, though. As timing would have it, into my Inbox popped a note from an artist named Adrien van Viersen, who’s done storyboards for many a blockbuster property, such as X-Men films, the new Apes series, Game of Thrones, Arrow and a lot more, judging by his IMDb profile.

Turns out that Adrien, as a labor of love, took it upon himself to produce a full-length Superman comic that reimagines his Golden Age beginnings:


It’s a Supertreat and I want to share a sequence with you, as well as Adrien’s intro and afterword. (Since he doesn’t own Superman, obviously, the comic is free and can be downloaded here.)

Dear DC: Please publish this. Even as a digital exclusive, there has to be a way to turn this into an official release. Even better, help Adrien finish his story because he’s onto something here.

I’ll get out of the way now and show you the pages. Enjoy:

Now go download the rest, here. You’ll be glad you did.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. looks amazing
    come on this

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  2. If not as a comic, I’d love to see this as a DC Animated movie.

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