SUPERMAN VS. WONDER WOMAN Treasury to Be Re-Released — at FULL SIZE

The Gerry Conway/Jose-Luis Garcia Lopez classic set for Facsimile Edition treatment…

Great Rao! Great Hera!

One of the most popular DC treasuries of all time — 1977’s All New Collectors’ Edition #C-54: Superman vs. Wonder Woman — is expected to be re-released this December as a hardcover in full tabloid size, according to a Penguin Random House listing.

Dig the official description:

Superman/Wonder Woman (Facsimile Edition)
Written by Gerry Conway
Illustrated by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
The unforgettable clash of Superman and Wonder Woman from 1978 is reprinted in its original, tabloid-size format for the first time.
This tabloid-sized epic from 1978 tells the tale of a forgotten chapter of World War II in which Superman and Wonder Woman cross paths while the United States stands at the brink of developing nuclear weapons. And while Superman sees their potential to stop the Axis, Wonder Woman is determined to destroy them before innocent lives are lost! But before this powerful twosome can settle their differences, they will have to face the super-powered menaces of Baron Blitzkrieg and the mysterious samurai known as Sumo!
$39.99 US
DC Comics
On sale Dec 08, 2020 | 80 Pages | 978-1-77950-720-4

This is spectacular news — and hopefully augurs a new wave of treasury reprints.

Here’s the situation: About 10 years ago, DC reprinted Neal Adams’ Superman vs. Muhammad Ali as a tabloid hardcover. That was followed a couple years later by a hardcover of Sheldon Mayer and Joe Kubert’s The Bible. And come April, DC is continuing its 1970s Famous 1st Editions treasury line with a full-size hardcover reprint of the company’s first comic: 1935’s New Fun #1. (Click here for more on that).

But that’s been all.

Meanwhile, DC has gone all in on the Facsimile Edition front since August 2019 but the company has stuck to standard size comics. So with two treasury hardcovers planned for the same year, perhaps this means we’ll see more down the line. Only time will tell on that.

A few thoughts:

— All things considered, this is a great choice if DC is in fact starting a wave of treasury reprints. It appeals not just to Bronze Age fans, but devotees of both heroes. I would hope the selling power would be strong.

— That said, here’s the standard caveat: DC has not formally solicited this title yet. Until that happens, nothing is official. And even if it does get solicited, DC could switch things up again. It’s not uncommon for the publisher to solicit, cancel and resolicit its collections. So just keep your eyes and ears open.

— Interestingly, neither Superman nor Wonder Woman has gotten a standard-comic Facsimile Edition yet.

— For the record, the original All New Collectors’ Edition #C-54: Superman vs. Wonder Woman came out late in 1977 but has a 1978 publication date, according to the Grand Comics Database.

— DC’s Facsimile Edition line has featured a number of Neal Adams-illustrated comics so far, with another on the way. And Tales of the Demon — collecting the complete original Denny O’Neil-Adams Ra’s al Ghul saga in hardcover for the first time — was just released. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a Facsimile Edition hardcover of Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-51:


— BATMAN #321 by WEIN, SIMONSON and GARCIA-LOPEZ to Get Facsimile Edition. Click here.

— The Brilliant Majesty of the BATMAN-RA’S AL GHUL Treasury. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Why does DC continue to tempt me with things I already have the originals of? D*amn them! lol of course.

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    • I’ve been saying for a while that DC should put out a tabloid sized hardcover called Superman’s greatest hits including vs Spider-man, the follow up, vs Wonder Woman vs Ali, vs Shazam and the Flash race

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  2. This story has already been reprinted in the Adventures of Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. No it’s not treasury size, but rather than seeing this in treasury size I’d far rather DC spend its time producing a reprint collection of the Earth-2 WWII Wonder Woman stories created to coincide with the first season of the TV series. Wonder Woman issues 228-243, DC Special Series #9 (aka Wonder Woman Spectacular), the Wonder Woman feature in World’s Finest 244-250, and end with All New Collectors’ Edition C-54. These stories guest star several Justice Society members, of course Superman, and more.

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  3. Funny how DC seems to have figured out they can make money off the stories of an older time when heroes lived in a brighter world. Where BATMAN wasn’t some crazed mad man and him and Superman were actually friends. I sure miss those stories.

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  4. Morning. As a great idea for these awesome works of art and story lines. Will there be any thought to have them signed by Jose’ and Neil on their respective books? That would make them a much more collectible and sought after for Superman fans/collectors. Just a thought.

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