SUPER-STAR HOLIDAY SPECIAL — Brent Schoonover: Master of the Universe

The Howling Commandos of SHIELD artist has a lonnnnnng history with monsters …


It’s the SUPER-STAR HOLIDAY SPECIAL: a series of holiday remembrances by some of the best in the biz! Click here to check ’em out!

Artist Brent Schoonover has that kind of cartoony, retroish style that I dig. For example, he turned in one of the best panels of the entire regular-series run of Batman ’66:

Batman '66 058-050

So he was a natural for our annual round-up of holiday nostalgia…


I’d have to say the closest comic-related gift that I went bonkers for was for He-Man.

There was a year that my parents/Santa made it an All-He-Man Christmas for me. Pajamas, toothbrush, clothes, and of course, the toys. Specifically the Evil Horde stuff, the enemies to He-Man and Skeletor. Their awesome base that had quicksand and a puppet snake monster. It was so awesome. And then one of the figures or toys came with an awesome little comic.


The funny thing is that Batman: The Animated Series was, and still is, a huge inspiration to me, largely due to Bruce Timm. It blew my mind when I ended up reading in his Modern Masters volume (from TwoMorrows) that some of his early work was drawing some of these comic books for He-Man. 

So yeah, just an amazing morning unwrapping all these awesome action figures and their accessories and then getting these fantastic mini-comics on top of it. That’s a memory that will be hard to beat.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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