Toy Fair’s a-comin’ and I wanted to get a jump start with one of my fave companies, NJ Croce.

I dig NJ Croce a lot because they make terrific bendable figures — kitschy, cool, fun and affordable versions of some of my favorite characters. Of course they do a lot more than that — like, Gumby, the ultimate bendy. (Click here.)

Anyway, similar to a piece I did recently with Diamond Select Toys (click here), I’ve compiled a list of items the company is planning to release in the next few months that I’m especially looking forward to — with some SNEAK PEEK pix, to boot!

I’ll have more details from Toy Fair itself next month, but here goes in the meantime:

Expected February release:

Batman ’66 Egghead set (about 5-inch scale): $32.99 SRP (For more on Egghead, click here.)

Harley Quinn (about 6-inch scale): $16.99

Suicide Squad set (about 6-inch scale): $39.99

Joker will also be available separately.

NJ Croce is also veering into premium territory with a Justice League 8-inch-scale bendable 7-pack: $169.99


Or you’ll be able to buy individuals (except Green Lantern and Aquaman) at $24.99. For example:

Expected mid-May release:

Wonder Woman set (about 6-inch-scale): $39.99* (For more on Wonder Woman, click here.)

Queen Hippolyta’s sword and shield will be distinct from Wonder Woman’s in the final product.

1989 Batmobile with minifigure: $35.99

Batman ’89 bendable (6-inch scale): $14.99 (For more on this figure, click here.)

Red Sonja bendable (5.5 inches): $16.99

* According to the company, a Wonder Woman single ($16.99) could be ready by mid-May and the three-piece set may be delayed due to technical issues.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Cool! My wife gave me for Christmas the 1966 bendables but Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Joker and Catwoman. Sweet!

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